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When an emissions aftertreatment affair rears its animal head, one of the bigger mistakes a artisan can accomplish is to accept it’s an emissions aftertreatment problem.

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Often, issues that present in the emissions arrangement are in actuality the affection of problems aural the agent itself.

When an aftertreatment accountability cipher appears, “the absoluteness is a ample allotment of time the absolute antecedent of the botheration is advancing from the engine,” explains John Renno, administrator of Isuzu’s Center of Excellence. He was presenting to technicians during a contempo webinar as allotment of Isuzu Barter University.

If the agent isn’t assuming properly, the agent chapped clarify (DPF) and careful catalytic abridgement (SCR) systems can become afflicted with chapped amount and NOx, and are clumsy to action properly. Renno gives the archetype of a chump who visited the boutique accusatory of accepted DPF regenerations. But the DPF itself wasn’t the problem. Scored butt walls in the agent created college crankcase pressures and were asthmatic the DPF.

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“A lot of times bodies are absorption on the aftertreatment arrangement aback in actuality there was annihilation amiss with this aftertreatment system. This barter bare a new agent – not a new aftertreatment system,” says Renno.

But Kevin Dejong, a artisan with Rush Barter Centres of Canada, says aboriginal acknowledgment to agent issues can anticipate added after issues in the aftertreatment system.

“Usually if the basis account is repaired aback it occurs, the aftertreatment will be okay,” he says. “If the barter is apprenticed for an all-encompassing aeon of time with an engine-related problem, again it will advance to aftertreatment damage. The best important affair is to get the agent serviced as anon as possible. Driving a agent with an agent lamp on for continued periods usually leads to added problems and accessible aftertreatment accident and a added cher repair.”

Another accepted delusion in the industry is that the DPF and SCR systems are one. Best OEMs accept amorphous tidily packaging them into a distinct box, but they abide two abstracted systems with different purposes. The DPF, explains Renno, “Is annihilation added than an air filter” with bowl autogenous to bear the aerial temperatures produced during a regen. It captures added particulates that were not alone by the agent blaze agitator (DOC), housed advanced of the DPF.

The SCR system, on the added hand, breach bottomward adverse NOx into controllable baptize and nitrogen. “It takes a bad gas and converts it to two acceptable ones,” Renno explains. But aerial temperatures are appropriate to facilitate this process, and the agent has a role to comedy in breeding those temperatures as able-bodied as attached NOx and particulates in the aboriginal abode so the aftertreatment systems can do their jobs.

Common sources of aftertreatment arrangement breakdowns not accompanying to the engine, are breakable or affronted wiring, according to Dejong, and both are preventable.

“When installing a new accouter or acclimation a harness, it’s important to ensure that all base is angry deeply in a address that it will not beat and rub on addition surface,” he explains. “The actual admeasurement of the wire approach is additionally important. If the approach is too big, the affairs move central and eventually the artificial approach will cut through the insulation on the wire, abrogation it exposed.”

When it comes to SCR failures, Dejong says accepted mistakes accommodate overfilling the DEF catchbasin in the winter.

“Depending on the model, if the close is in the top of the catchbasin and the catchbasin is full, again there is no allowance for the DEF to aggrandize aback it freezes,” he explains. “When it does benumb and expand, it will breach commitment curve or alike the pump itself. If the pump ruptures, again the DEF will biking into the base accouter and account added problems.”

Paul Deayton, civic accounts administrator for Winnipeg-based The DPF Company, says approved aliment of the DPF is additionally capital to ensure able performance.

“As an industry, we accept tended to leave DPFs until they are acquainted or bootless afore they are serviced,” he says. “We wouldn’t do this to our air clarify or oil filter, so why our agent chapped filter?”

Rush Barter Centre’s Dejong breach bottomward the charge to advance the DPF as such: “The DPF clarify works on the aforementioned assumption as a blaze pit. You can ample the blaze pit, again bake the capacity into ash. Eventually the blaze pit will ample with ashes. The clarify will ample with soot, and aback required, the charcoal is austere into ash through regeneration. In time, the clarify will ample up with ash and crave cleaning.”

When application the barter Dejong suggests analytical the DPF. “A simple beheld analysis can anticipate a cher repair. I accept apparent simple problems such as a burst DPF catch about-face into aliment costing bags of dollars and about communicable a barter on fire. Aftertreatment temperatures can ability over 1,000 F and can bound cook any surrounding genitalia aback not contained.”

When it comes to cleaning, some fleets accept invested in their own DPF charwoman machines, which apple-pie the clarify of added ash. Some added alternatives are DPF barter programs, or application third-party account providers that accommodate a ambit of charwoman options. Pay absorption to the pre- and post-flow numbers, advises Dejong.

“The numbers are actual important. A adulterated clarify can be bent based on the breeze results, preventing the added activity costs associated,” he says. “A chump will accept aloof because they had their clarify bankrupt that it’s as acceptable as new, but this is not the case. I’ve apparent instances area a clarify passes on the breeze spec’ but still can’t do its job on the truck.”

For its part, The DPF Company offers three charwoman and apology options. The brownish adjustment is a broadly acclimated “blast and bake” method. “We accept apparent this alone apple-pie the clarify to about 65-70% of its aboriginal action due to some of the impacted ash balance not actuality able to be cleaned.”

The argent adjustment employs a aeriform even arrangement to apple-pie the filter, abating it to about 85% of its aboriginal condition. The gold akin is a abounding apology application accelerated technology forth with the aeriform flush. “This apology action will accompany the clarify aback to 98% of its aboriginal action and we accept apparent filters adequate to a bigger action than abounding of the remanufactured options actuality offered on the market,” says Deayton.

“A reman is aloof somebody else’s clarify that has been cleaned. You accept no abstraction of its history.”

He cautions adjoin reman options.

“A reman is aloof somebody else’s clarify that has been cleaned. You accept no abstraction of its history,” he notes.

The charwoman abundance of the DPF is awful barnacle on assignment cycle. Highway tractors should accept their DPF serviced every 300,000 to 400,000 kms, and burghal trucks every 75,000 to 100,00 kms, The DPF Company suggests. Isuzu recommends application the DPF every 100,000 afar or 3,000 hours. Check with OEM recommendations and air on the ancillary of caution. Ensure any account providers apple-pie the DOC as able-bodied as the DPF. But advancement the emissions arrangement begins with able PM of the agent itself.

“There’s a accepted adage that annihilation amiss afore the DPF, ends up in the DPF,” warns Deayton.

When application the DPF, Deayton urges technicians to handle with care. The ceramic-based clarify substrate can able if dropped. He additionally urges them to appraise the DPF aback automated failures such as absolute turbos or coolant leaks are discovered. “It is awful acceptable the DPF has become compromised and should be serviced at the aforementioned time,” he adds.

Other mistakes technicians are affected to are incorrect base repairs, which leave the amount of the wire apparent to the elements, subjecting it to abortive failure.

“The added best accepted aberration is base that is not anchored or baffled correctly,” Dejong adds. “This allows the affairs to rub through on surrounding surfaces, creating a breach or a abbreviate in the wiring. Having a able and accomplished artisan with the able accoutrement and software to analyze the electrical circuits is essential. A artisan needs to accept how the arrangement works to be able to appropriately analyze and adjustment it.”

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