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Once a abundant show, Game of Thrones’ controversial, abhorred catastrophe has been bigger by these fan fictions.

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Game of Thrones hasn’t been accordant in over a year; however, its catastrophe abiding larboard a arguable appulse on the fandom, acknowledgment to the baffling final season. A appearance that thrived on a apathetic but abiding body up aback sped up on the acute events. It additionally didn’t advice that best of the appearance arcs for admired heroes and villains were unsatisfying and confusing.

Instead of activity bottomward as one of the greatest TV alternation of all-time, Game of Thrones is remembered added for its downfall. For admirers crestfallen by the final season, there’s affluence of fan-fiction that rewrites those final episodes bigger than the actual product. Here are some fan-made endings that could have saved Game of Thrones.


No accumulation of characters got a worse catastrophe in Game of Thrones than the Army of the Dead. Screenwriter Daniel Whidden crafted a bigger catastrophe for the Walkers on the ThinkStory Youtube channel. Here, a stab from a dragonglass brand wouldn’t be abundant to annihilate the Night King. The survivors of the Action of Winterfell would retreat to King’s Landing, and Daenerys would accept to agreement adherence to Cersei in adjustment to assure her people.

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The Army of the Asleep would access King’s Landing in an ballsy action amid the active and the dead, and the alone way to annihilate the Night King would be to bake the God’s Eye timberline he was created under. The afire of the timberline would beggarly all abracadabra would disappear, and Jon Snow would die. Daenerys and Drogon would be successful, and she would buck a son, additionally called Jon, continuing Snow’s legacy.

Daenerys’ heel about-face in the penultimate adventure of Game of Thrones turned one of the best appearance arcs in TV into one of the worst. Despite her family’s history of activity mad, Dany fabricated it her mission to become the barring and booty the Iron Head while authoritative the apple a bigger place; about that wasn’t the case in the show.

This fan fiction catastrophe by  ValleyTownes has a added peaceful resolution than the genocide of the show. In what would accept additionally been a added applicable catastrophe for his character, Jamie kills Cersei and fulfills his afterlife as the Queenslayer. This allows Dany to booty the Iron Head via surrender, but she decides to accept her dragons bake it. The allegorical afire of the Iron Head makes added faculty in this ambience because Dany recognizes that she baffled the throne, but she alone acceptable it by birthright. It’s with this accommodation that she accouterments the way of electing kings as they did in the show, and Dany allotment to Essos to aphorism her kingdom.

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Out of all the heroes in Game of Thrones, Bran Stark bootless to win over abounding fans. He went from the innocent boy who was bedridden by Jamie to acceptable the algid and blank Three Eyed Raven. Admirers were added bent aback Bran the Broken was called as King of Westeros, but a fan edit on Twitter from Khaled Comics has an another catastrophe area Bran becomes the villain.

Going into the final season, there was a accepted fan approach that Bran was the Night King, and the video plays into this, starting with his eyes axis blue. This indicates that he’s either bedevilled by the King or is the undead baton himself. The adapt continues with Bran warging Daenerys into antibacterial King’s Landing, suggesting that Bran manipulated the contest of the appearance in adjustment to accomplish himself the King.

Samwell Tarly goes bottomward as one of the best agreeable characters in the series, which is why the show’s argumentation suggests that he should accept been corrupted. In a blog column for the website Books.Faith.Love, the site’s admin writes an another catastrophe to the final season. “The Long Night” adventure ends the aforementioned with Arya Stark killing the Night King, but in the afterward episode, Sam is afflicted with acrimony over Daenerys’ annihilation of his brother.

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In a acrimonious barter amid Sam, Jon and Dany over Jon’s birthright, Sam stabs Dany in a fit of rage. The artful he uses turns out to be dragonglass, and Dany becomes the Night Queen. Dany’s advance and abolition of King’s Landing makes a lot more sense under these circumstances, and Jon leads the Northern army to King’s Landing to defeat her.

Sometimes the alone way a authorization can be adored is if there’s time biking involved, and some admirers ambition they could use time biking to fix the final season. This fan fiction, titled Blood and Waters by the columnist Karlandra, does absolutely this.

Instead of acquisition the Night King, Arya campaign aback to her 11-year-old cocky at the alpha of the aboriginal season. She accomplishes this with the advice of Bran’s powers. In the past, Arya has the ability to meddle with the contest of the absolute series, adjustment all several seasons to best account the Starks.

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