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I apperceive John Kelly. He was with me — didn’t do a acceptable job, had no attitude — and, ultimately, he was petered out. He got, he was exhausted. This man was absolutely exhausted. He wasn’t alike able to activity in the aftermost cardinal of months. He was not able to function. He was array of a boxy guy. By the time he got eaten up in this world. It’s a altered apple than he was acclimated to. He was clumsy to function. And I told him, “John, you’re activity to accept to go. Please accord me a letter of resignation.” And we did that. And now he goes out and buck — bad mouths. Now there are bodies that are jealous. There are bodies that are agitated that they’re not actuality anymore. There are bodies — we’ve done an absurd job. The virus came in, and now we’re accomplishing an absurd job again. We’re activity to body it up bigger than it was afore the virus came in. But I don’t apperceive that it was him. I haven’t apparent that. I mean, I see anonymous. But it could accept been a guy like a John Kelly because he was — aloof so you understand. He was a actual — you attending at some of his account conferences, what happened to him — he got eaten alive. He was clumsy to handle the burden of this job. This job was a boxy job. Mark Meadows is accomplishing a abundant job. But Kelly was clumsy to do that.

John F. Kelly larboard the White House about on speaking agreement with Admiral Trump. In the months since, Mr. Kelly, a retired four-star accepted and above White House arch of staff, has backward mostly bashful as added arch advancing abstracts accept about and agonizingly criticized the president.

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Much to the alarm of accompany and assembly who accept been blame him to allege out, Mr. Kelly connected his blackout on Friday about a abode in The Atlantic that the admiral had abreast referred to American troops asleep in activity as “losers” and “suckers.”

Mr. Kelly banned on-the-record account requests about his bond of comments Mr. Trump had reportedly fabricated ashamed Mr. Kelly was with him on a 2018 cruise to France. According to the report, the admiral said that he had absitively adjoin visiting a cemetery for American soldiers asleep in Apple War I because “it’s abounding with losers,” and that Marines collapsed in activity at Belleau Wood were “suckers” for accepting killed.

The commodity additionally appear that during a 2017 appointment to Arlington Civic Cemetery, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kelly chock-full to pay respects at the grave of Mr. Kelly’s son, Second Lt. Robert Kelly, a Marine who was asleep at age 29 in Afghanistan in 2010.

“I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” the annual appear that Mr. Trump had said to Mr. Kelly about his son’s account and sacrifice.

Mr. Kelly’s accommodation to breach about bashful ashamed he larboard the West Wing at the end of 2018 has balked groups like Republican Voters Adjoin Trump, which has been actively advancing him in hopes of auspicious him to about endorse above Vice Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee.

Mr. Kelly’s blackout did not save him from the president’s wrath.

“This man was absolutely exhausted,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Kelly at a account appointment on Friday. “He wasn’t alike able to activity in the aftermost cardinal of months.”

President Trump on Friday said that the United States had not accustomed affidavit that Aleksei Navalny, an activity baton in Russia, was poisoned.

“I anticipate we accept to attending at it actual actively if it is the case,” Mr. Trump said. He fatigued that he brand to get forth with added nations, but said that “nobody has been tougher on Russia than I accept been.” At accession point he said he would be actual “angry” if the United States accepted that Mr. Nalvany had been poisoned.

With absorption to Mr. Navalny, he said: “I don’t apperceive absolutely what happened. I anticipate it’s tragic. It’s terrible. It should not happen. We accept not had any affidavit yet but I will booty a look. It is absorbing that everybody is consistently advertence Russia. I don’t apperception you advertence Russia, but I anticipate apparently China at this point is a nation that you should be talking about abundant added so than Russia because the things that China is accomplishing are far worse.”

He accustomed that German admiral were absolute about what happened, but said, “We accept not apparent it ourselves.”

The German government this ceremony said Mr. Navalny, 44, had been berserk with a military-grade assumption abettor from the Novichok family, a almighty chic of actinic weapons developed by the Soviet Union. Mr. Navalny charcoal in analytical but abiding activity in a medically induced blackout in a German hospital.

Presidential elections are generally won and absent on the economy, so both candidates bedeviled on new Labor Department abstracts appear Friday that showed administering were continuing to accompany ashamed furloughed workers, but at a slower clip than in the spring, and that the unemployment amount had fallen.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. delivered a accent in Delaware in which he faulted Admiral Trump for declining to ascendancy the coronavirus outbreak, which continues to annihilate the economy, abrogation millions of Americans still out of work.

“Donald Trump may be the alone admiral in avant-garde history to leave appointment with beneath jobs than ashamed he took office,” Mr. Biden said, acquainted that it appeared that abounding acting layoffs were acceptable abiding and the nation has yet to balance 11.5 actor jobs, added than bisected of the jobs it lost.

While some had initially hoped that this would prove to be a V-shaped recession — a aciculate downturn, followed by a fast backlash — Mr. Biden said that “economists are starting to alarm this recession a K-shaped recession, which is a adorned byword for what’s amiss with aggregate about Trump’s presidency.”

“The K agency those at the top see things go up,” Mr. Biden said, “and those in the average and beneath are seeing things go down, and get worse.”

President Trump, for his part, accustomed the unemployment rate, which fell to 8.4 percent in August, bottomward decidedly from a aerial of 14.7 percent in April, the affliction ashamed the Abundant Depression, and 10.2 percent in July.

“That is many, abounding months advanced of schedule,” Mr. Trump said. “They said you won’t breach 10 percent until at atomic abutting year some time. And we aloof hit 8.4 percent, and we’re activity bottomward rapidly.”

That bead brings the amount beneath the aiguille of the aftermost recession a decade ago, ashamed unemployment briefly hit 10 percent. But dawdling charcoal college than the aiguille of abounding accomplished recessions.

At a White House account appointment on Friday evening, Larry Kudlow, the

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